Internship Application

Announcement #1


Our 2022 summer internship application process has started.


Announcement #2


You can apply for internship to only one of the listed units/departments. Please select the unit/department related to your education that you consider most appropriate and competent.

Our trainee candidates whose internship type is compulsory must specify the number of compulsory internship days as the internship period.

Our trainee candidates whose internship period is less than 7 weeks can optionally complete the rest of the process.

We have many engineers and technicians who carry out their internships within our company and continue full time after graduation.

Our company sees the internship subject not as a routine process that should be completed for university students, but as a process in which the theoretical infrastructure is equipped with practical studies, and that the knowledge learned through the creation of the real project experience becomes an information that can be used and then become a product.

Bu nedenle staj başvurusunda bulunan adaylar titizlikle incelenerek, yaz tatili sürecini yoğun bir mühendislik ortamında çalışarak öğrenmeyi tercih eden adaylar seçilmektedir.


The main qualifications to be present in the candidates applying for internship are;

• Believing in the importance of developing national and original technologies that are critical for our country such as Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Advanced Robotic System Design
• Enthusiastic to work in team spirit in the areas where engineering is applied at the highest level
• Will show perseverance, diligence and sacrifice for the success of the projects carried out
• Available to work in intense work tempo


Internship Process:

The internship period in our company is at least 7 weeks. It is preferable that trainee candidates will carry out their undergraduate studies on a subject parallel to their work during the internship period.


Necessary information for application:

• Personal information or CV
• Cover Letter / Letter of Intention: The fields of study requested for the internship, your training experience, your competencies, the projects you have carried out individually and as a team, the reason for your internship application and the position requirements and the harmonization of your competencies, should include information about our next projection, between 500 and 1000 words. should be. Make sure your letter of intent is original. (In the Letters of Intent, applicants from outside Istanbul should contain information about where to reside during the internship.)

After the applications made are evaluated by our company R&D team, the interviewed candidates will be contacted and contacted. As a result of the interview, internship invitation letter will be sent to the candidates who are found suitable for internship.

Application Receipt and Evaluation 31 January 2022 – 12 March 2022
Exam and Video Interview Invitation 14 March 2022
Exam and Video Interviews 15 March 2022 - 2 April 2022
Reporting Results 13 May 2022
1st Internship Period 13 June 2022 - 30 July 2022
2nd Internship Period 1 August 2022 - 17 September 2022
Internship Application

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